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KneeGlider will create a gold standard for the delivery of innovative,
efficient, effective, and safe knee recovery programs.


At KneeGlider, our eyes are always on the prize: full recovery for full lives. As any athletic trainer or physical therapist will tell you, limited use of the knee creates a world of limitations for our patients. That’s why we’re on a mission to create consistent and predictable outcomes. 


KneeGlider aims to empower patients to take charge, own their recovery and achieve greatness—whether they’re grandparents who want to keep up with the kiddos, or serious athletes with everything on the line.

Our Story

For years, Physical Therapist Erik Hansen, felt a void in available technologies for knee surgery patients. Sending patients home with exercises that relied on cookie sheets, stretch bands and towels didn’t set anyone up for success.


There were too many variances in how knees were treated from therapist to therapist, or from one clinic to another. Clinic scheduling, staffing and insurance could even dictate how treatment could go on any given day.


He saw the need for a technology that could be used in rehab facilities to standardize treatment protocol, and to replicate that experience across the industry.  


The result? KneeGlider. An innovative rehabilitation system that produces consistent improved outcomes for patients, while driving efficiencies for rehab facilities and clinicians. Today, KneeGlider is proven to improve strength and range of motion in Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and meniscus patients.


Erik Hansen


to Knee Patients

As a licensed physical therapist, I have a passion for knee-specific patients recovering from surgery. Maybe I am passionate because of the 5 knee surgeries I went through or the major knee surgery my son had to go through at 12 years old, or the hundreds of knee patients I have treated over the years. One thing I do know, knee injuries and surgeries are debilitating and create an inability for you to be, well, you! For athletes, you thirst is to get back in the game. For many Total Knee Replacements or other knee surgeries, you want to be able to return to work, play with grandkids, travel, or play a round of golf without pain.


This is why I invented the KneeGlider. My KneeGlider program delivers consistent and effective Knee Specific treatments to get you back to what you love. My hope is that if you find yourself in a situation where you require knee-specific rehabilitation, you find your nearest KneeGlider clinic and get the outcomes you deserve!

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