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We’re here to improve outcomes for knee surgery patients—and to give Sport rehab pros and physical therapists (PTs) the tools, protocol and support you need to work smarter, not harder.

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KneeGlider requires minimal set up but produces massive results.
Let’s discuss how we can help set you and your patients up for success.

Good for Physical Therapists

Decrease Physical Stress

KneeGlider’s innovative design  reduces the physical stress on a PT’s body—no matter the size of the patient’s leg. Now, PTs can easily provide range of motion and other knee therapies without risk of injury or work-related pain. KneeGlider technology was designed to meet OSHA’s material handling recommendations.


Enhance Evaluation Efficiencies

Using the KneeGlider progress markers and app, PTs can gather AROM, AAROM, PROM, and swelling data in seconds without ever picking the patient’s leg up. The highly efficient and accurate process saves time and allows PTs to move from evaluation to treatment seamlessly.

Good for Patients

Improve Outcomes

Used as part of progressive rehab programs, KneeGlider is proven to improve strength and range of motion in total knee arthroplasty (TKA), anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus patients. Implementing a trusted KneeGlider process helps minimize complications and the risk of range of motion deficiencies post surgery.


Increase Satisfaction

KneeGlider gives you an effective, easy-to-use tool to standardize best practices for patients in your clinic. Patients quickly learn the progression through each treatment. This helps establish an organized flow in-clinic, creating an efficient and effective routine for every visit. The app provides biofeedback that motivates patients to achieve their goals, building confidence and reducing anxiety throughout the process.

Good for Business

Increase In-Clinic Productivity

With KneeGlider’s consistent and superior treatment process, PTs can easily and effectively engage multiple patients. Block scheduling your knee patients for visits can drive efficiencies for PTs and create a community feeling in the clinic for your patients.  


Drive Revenue

Physical therapists are under pressure from insurance companies to improve outcomes, sometimes with fewer therapy visits. KneeGlider technology helps patients recover strong, faster. Use your improved outcomes and KneeGlider programs to attract physician referrals and negotiate your next insurance contract, bundling agreement, or value-based contract. 

Getting Started is Easy

1. Get Training

We’ll come to your facility to provide comprehensive training to all your clinicians.



2. Start Your Patient

Our process ensures your patient has a customized log in, so they can start benefitting from KneeGlider technology right away.

3. Engage Patients

Using the KneeGlider app to set goals and track progress keeps patients motivated during each visit, ultimately improving outcomes.

We’re on Your Team

Our partner facilities can expect personalized support from a knowledgeable Account Manager, along with a hassle-free maintenance program, including software upgrades.

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