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Extension Strap

Apply targeted pressure and stretch lower extremity in place.

Smooth Gliding Rails

Effectively move the lower extremity after an injury or surgery.

Progress Markers

Perform functional testing for right vs. left strength comparisons, track range of motion progress and automatically sync with app.

Customize Resistance

Built in strength progression using resistance bands.

Toggle Lock

Hold patient’s knee in place at any angle for static stretching or manual therapy.

Range of Motion Handle

Perform range of motion with ease using the comfortable handle.


With KneeGlider, you have a proven, powerful tool to empower your patients to own their rehab process. The connected app provides feedback that gives your patient a visual of their own function, keeping them engaged and motivated to achieve their individual goals.

When patients can feel and see their progress, they believe it. And that gets them back in the game—and back to what they love—faster.

Track Real-Time Data

  • Repetitions
  • Range of motion
  • Strength improvement
Measure Progress
Show your patients how the app can provide biofeedback to improve their engagement. You can also easily and accurately take measurements in moments.
Set Your Goals
Patients work toward their goals at every visit. By connecting a functional goal to the app, you create engagement and satisfaction like never before.
Diversity Treatments
KneeGlider technology including the connected app gives you the ability to work on function right away. Diversifying treatments also allows for diversified billing codes.
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Fuel Strong Recoveries with Advanced Technology

Position Rehab Pros for the Win

KneeGlider was created by a Physical Therapist who understands the unique challenges of the industry first-hand. That’s why KneeGlider was designed to improve outcomes for patients—and to put the tool of efficiency in your hands. 


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