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KneeGlider has been making a real impact and driving real results for patients and physical therapy professionals for years. Hear what they have to say and learn from their experiences.

“KneeGlider provided an effective and consistent control of range of motion that maximized the therapy for the patient. The awesome part is that no matter the size the patient or lower extremity, we could still easily perform range of motion exercises!”
Dan Speigle
Physical Therapist
“I spoke with a patient today who stated that she loved the KneeGlider and found it very beneficial…she couldn’t say enough about it. She loved the feedback it provided and the subsequent motivation to keep progressing on her ROM. And she offered that info voluntarily, without me asking.”
Alan Cornett
Orthopedic Surgeon
"Best post-operative rehab device I have ever used."
Eddie Delaney
Physical Therapist
“I loved the way it helped me with my range of motion. I was crushed to find out I tore my ACL.  I didn’t know if I would ever play soccer again! As a competitor, I strived to get better numbers everyday and the KneeGlider helped me see that. I have never been more motivated to get back on that field.”
Grace Coppinger
ACL patient, Big 12 Freshman Soccer Player of the Year

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