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Considering partnering with KneeGlider? We’re here to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision. Explore commonly asked questions, and please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything not covered below.

What is KneeGlider?

A. KneeGlider is an innovative rehabilitation system including a device and comprehensive app that is proven to improve outcomes for knee surgery patients. Read more about how partnering with KneeGlider creates efficiencies for physical therapists and supports your business.


How does KneeGlider work?

A. KneeGlider is the innovation your facility has been waiting for. Say goodbye to cookie sheets, stretch bands and towels and hello to effective, efficient treatment made possible with advanced technology. Want to see how the device and app work together to transform the rehabilitation experience? Learn more here.

What patients might benefit from KneeGlider?

A. KneeGlider is proven to improve strength and range of motion in knee surgery patients.

How do I offer KneeGlider in my facility?

A: If you’re interested in offering KneeGlider to your knee surgery patients, the first step is to get in touch . We’re happy to answer any preliminary questions you have and set up a time to deliver the devices and provide comprehensive training.

How does KneeGlider integrate with my existing knee rehabilitation programs?

A: Getting started with KneeGlider is easy. We’ll provide training for Physical Therapists using the technology and ensure that all clinicians understand how it works.


In general, patients with a knee-specific diagnosis are set up with the personalized KneeGlider app at registration and patient onboarding. After that, patients are sent through an effective and efficient evaluation and treatment process. Our partners find that KneeGlider quickly becomes one of the most used devices in their facility.

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